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Asthma Management

Our program: What you need to know

Asthma can be a manageable disease. We encourage you to take control of your asthma through the Asthma Management Program offered by Lee Health.

Based on guidelines by the National Heart, Lung & Blood Institute, the Asthma Management Program is the only outpatient asthma education program in Southwest Florida.

The Asthma Management Program provides diagnostic testing and the skills you need to self-manage your asthma. You can be referred by their primary care physician, pediatrician, pulmonologist, emergency department physician or allergist.

Patients are usually scheduled for six visits during the six-month program, although the physician or asthma educator may extend the duration as necessary.

The program’s full-time certified asthma educator works with your physician to develop your personal asthma action plan, designed to meet your specific medical needs.

What will you learn?

By the end of this program, you should be able to self-manage your asthma, resulting in fewer absences from school or work, an improvement in your quality of life, decrease in emergency room visits and hospitalizations, and improved lung function.

Both adults and children of all ages will benefit from the fun, game-like activities that teach self-management skills.

This program complements the education and treatment children receive as patients in Golisano Children’s Hospital. The program will contact your school nurse and provide the school with a copy of your asthma action plan that you receive during your visit.

We will show you how to:

  • Identify asthma triggers
  • Recognize asthma symptoms
  • Use a spacer to enhance medication delivery
  • Use a peak-flow meter to monitor your lung function
  • Manage symptoms on a daily basis
  • Manage symptoms in an emergency situation

The Asthma Management Program provides you with an age-based asthma folder and carrying pack that includes:

  • Spacer
  • Peak flow meter and diary
  • Educational CDs
  • Instructional materials
  • Asthma action plan

Our multidisciplinary team of health professionals includes a certified asthma educator, medical directors for adult and pediatric patients, respiratory therapists, and nurses.

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