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Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Request to Schedule a Mammogram

Scheduling a Mammogram

All Lee Health Hospitals have implemented extensive safeguards to ensure you will receive the safest care possible. We want to encourage you not to delay medical care. We know you may have concerns about visiting a healthcare facility, but we urge you not to forgo a trip to your doctor because of COVID-19 fears. Please take care of your health and well-being including annual mammogram screenings. 

Early detection of breast cancer means a 98 percent survival rate and gives women time to consider surgery and treatment alternatives. 

Screening mammograms are recommended every year for all women starting at age 40. Screening mammograms are also done for women who have no signs or symptoms related to the breasts (asymptomatic).

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    It’s important to find breast cancer early, and that’s why the our Breast Health Centers use advanced technology for the most accurate diagnosis possible. At Lee Health we have imaging, screening, and advanced diagnostics for early detection and peace of mind.

What is a Mammogram?

A mammogram is a low dose X-ray of the breast tissue. Mammography is performed to look for early signs of breast cancer before a patient develops symptoms. It can also be used to look for any abnormality when a patient develops a new symptom (a lump or focal pain) in her/his breast tissue.

We use a variety of breast examinations designed to provide the most accurate diagnosis possible at convenient locations, and we give our patients peace of mind with innovative technology, board-certified physicians who specialize in breast health, and technologists certified in mammography and breast ultrasound.

At Lee Health, we assure you that our facilities are safe. We are taking every precaution to protect every patient in our care. At Lee Health’s Breast Health Centers you will receive the safe, leading-edge, compassionate care you deserve.

A Mammography Screening can be Scheduled Online for Pre-Established and New Patients.

Learn More About Mammograms Here!

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    Throughout your life, your breast tissue changes in response to fluctuations in hormones and structural changes by aging. Because of these changes, lumps can sometimes be detected either by touch or through mammography.

Locations For Screenings

We are offering extended hours at our Breast Health Center- The Sanctuary. Call for more details!