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Trauma Programs

Youth Violence Prevention:

Gang Awareness Training Education – G.A.T.E.

Grades K-12, adults

The G.A.T.E. program teaches lessons on gang recognition, alternatives to gangs, anger management, bullying, leadership, tolerance, victimization, drug use and abuse, firearms safety and much more.

G.A.T.E (Gang Awareness Training Education)

Youth Violence Prevention program

Grades kindergarten through high school

The GATE program can be taught in schools, after-school programs, camps and youth groups. Specially trained instructors use interactive role paly to empower kids with the skills to help them make the right choices when facing conflict such as:

  • Setting goals and sticking to them
  • Resisting peer pressure
  • Peacefully resolving conflicts
  • Reaching out to adults for help
  • Taking steps to reduce stress
  • Using words and actions to help stop the cycle of bullying
  • Understand the way gangs can impact their quality of life
  • Avoiding drug, alcohol, and tobacco use.

Injury Prevention:

Sports Injury Prevention

Grades K-12, adults

The Lee Health Trauma Center Injury Prevention Program and Lee County EMS want to address sports injuries with coaches, athletes and parents. This program is driven by data and endorsed by the National Athletic Trainers Association, Safe Kids Worldwide and coincides with information recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. We cover a variety of sports safety topics, including concussions, hydration, over-use injuries, hyperthermia, return to play policies and more.

Trauma Nurses Talk Tough:

New drivers ages 15-18

Developed by trauma nurses in an effort to prevent senseless deaths, this program is all about prevention. No matter how skilled we are at trauma care, injury still is a leading killer of people younger than age 44. We encourage parents to participate, too, and help change the attitudes of children.

High School Drivers Education:

Fatal Vision Goggles

Grades 6-12

Fatal Vision Goggles demonstrate varying degrees of blood alcohol levels and how a person reacts. Vision is distorted causing behaviors similar to those exhibited by someone under the influence of alcohol and other drugs. Participants wear the goggles while performing various tasks.

Young Driver Program

Ages 15-19, Call for appointment

We have partnered with the Lee county Sheriff’s Office, Florida Highway Patrol and AAA to host a program for young drivers. This program is designed to educate young drivers on the different legal issues involved with driving, how to stay focused on driving and the responsibilities that go along with the driving privilege. This is a supplement, not a substitute, to driver’s education.

Senior Programs:

Driving Safer, Longer

Ages 65 and older

This program discusses all aspects of highway safety, including drinking and driving, safety belt use, pedestrian safety, as well as decisions about when to curtail or stop driving. We also include a section on physical fitness, including healthy walking guidelines.

Step WiseLee

Lee County leads the state in fall-related deaths. A community-wide initiative launched by the Lee County Injury Prevention Coalition, Step WiseLee helps seniors, their friends and families prevent falls and fall-related deaths. For more information, visit

To find out more information or to set up a program, please contact Syndi Bultman RN, MS, CEN Injury Prevention/Resource Coordinator Trauma Services at 239-343-3797 or email