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Why Lee 2020

Lee Health is YOUR health system! So it only makes sense that you should know a little more about what we do – all the pieces and parts of Lee Health – all in one place. So look around at our Why Lee 2020 page to get a snapshot of what we look like this year, where we're going, and all that we can offer you and your family.

Your Healthcare Journey

Your journey begins with a primary care physician, often called internal or family medicine doctors, who listen to your concerns before putting a treatment plan in place. You might also enter our system through an urgent care facility. Find a Lee Physician Group doctor and learn about our services and locations.

Your Healthcare Journey: Lee Community Healthcare

Another option for finding a primary care doctor is through Lee Community Healthcare, which helps increase access to care for the uninsured and underserved. You and your family have access to primary care, tests, immunizations, mental health, pediatrics, women's care, and more — no matter your financial situation.

Take Advantage of Technology

You can talk to a primary care doctor 24/7 through Lee TeleHealth on your phone, tablet, or computer. Use MyChart to send messages to your doctor's office, pay a bill, order refills, access records, and more.
  • Telemedicine at Lee Health

    Get urgent care from doctors over your phone, computer, or tablet. It's healthcare that's convenient, immediate, and accessible to Southwest Florida residents.

NEXT STEPS: Specialist

Your next step may include seeing a specialist. At Lee Health, we provide specialty service lines with staff members trained at some of the most prestigious medical schools and hospitals in the world. Below find services, information on symptoms and treatments, locations, and more.
  • Cancer Care (Oncology)

    Lee Health Regional Cancer Center in Fort Myers, FL. We provide an integrated care program, cancer diagnosis, treatment plan, and ongoing support groups. We care for cancer patients in Cape Coral, Naples, Bonita Springs, Estero, and Port Charlotte.

  • Orthopedics

    Our orthopedic specialists and surgeons incorporate national best practices and personalized care to help you during every step of your recovery.

  • Women's Health

    Comprehensive women's health services that include OB/GYN, maternity, and breast care -- everything from preventive care to specialists who can help you on your journey.

Covering All Your Needs

View a comprehensive list of all Lee Health services to find help for you and your family.

Shipley Cardiothoracic Center

Shipley Cardiothoracic Center’s new 11,800-square-foot facility provides an even greater opportunity for superior customer service and patient comfort. Our expanded location features space for hosting presentations, seminars, and simulations. It also houses Shipley’s specialized team members, including the research team, data managers, and education specialists who work collaboratively with patients and their families.


NEXT STEPS: Outpatient Services

Your next stop may include an outpatient procedure: Surgery, rehabilitation, therapy, imaging, sleep studies, or lab work. Our goal is to keep you safe while making sure you have plenty of convenient locations to get you in, out, and back to your daily life. Here, find info about specific tests and a location that works for you.

NEXT STEPS: Outpatient Services

You may be referred to our outpatient Behavioral Health or Addiction Medicine clinic. Learn more about our trained experts, and how they work side by side with you to establish a compassionate therapy or treatment plan.
  • Addiction Medicine

    Our certified specialists use education, compassion, and focus to treat an addiction like any other medical disease so patients can get the care they need.

  • Behavioral Health

    Mental health experts will help you with depression, anxiety, mood disorders, and teach you how to take control and feel valuable.


If the next stop on your journey includes a hospital stay, please know that each of our "big locations" provides compassionate care and the latest technology. Each location has its own history and character, but the common theme is the same: Dedicated service in the heart of our largest communities. Find services, hours, and information on emergency services below.

NEXT STEPS: Post-Acute Care

After a hospital stay, you may require post-acute care and rehabilitation in one of our comfortable, fully accredited, and award-winning facilities. Read more below to find out more about these services as well as home health options.

Your Healthcare Journey: Preventive Care

Lee Health believes in the power of preventive care. Our Health and Wellness experts are here for you. Join an exercise class, lower stress, manage nutrition, control chronic diseases and conditions, and so much more.
  • Health & Wellness

    Providing education, empowering change, and leading the community toward better overall wellness. Start your journey right here, today.

  • Lee Health Solutions

    Registered dietitians, nurses, and physicians providing education on how to manage chronic conditions and pain.

Other Services at Lee Health

How else do we serve the community? The essential services below also benefit you.
  • Military Support Program

    Learn about all the ways our Military Support Program helps veterans, their families, and the community.

  • Occupational Medicine

    We thrive on keeping your employees happy and healthy through screenings, risk assessments, exams, clinics, and wellness challenges.

  • Pain Management

    Specialists provide evaluation, treatment, and follow-ups for a wide range of painful conditions.

  • Pharmacy

    Full-service pharmacies at each of our hospitals fill your medications and offer drug counseling before you leave

  • Spiritual Services

    Helping patients, family, and friends with spiritual and emotional guidance.

Lee Health's COVID-19 Response

In a challenging year, Lee Health and Southwest Florida have come together in ways we never imagined. Read more about our COVID-19 response.

Healthy News Blog

Read the latest in health news and technology as well as plenty of tips and trends for you and your family.
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    It's the most common type of heart arrhythmia in the U.S., and the number is expected to increase. Here's what you can do about A-Fib.

  • Coronavirus (COVID-19)

    Emergency Care Still Critical – and Safe – During COVID-19

    COVID-19 can't stop emergency care, so don't delay visiting the ER for a severe injury, heart attack, or stroke. Time is critical, and full safety precautions are in place.